The Military Coins

Challenge Coins In the Military


People who are in the military have to work hard. Some of the personnel, however, work extra hard and goes beyond what is expected of them. There are cases when a soldier's productivity, efficiency, or acts of bravely are considered exceptional. In such cases, the soldiers are thanked by the superiors. This can be through a handshake, a verbal expression and sometimes a certificate of appreciation. Another way that soldiers are shown appreciation for exceptional performance in their work is through military coins. The valuable coins are the carry a special meaning. After soldiers have come from deployment, they often have challenge coins and also a collection of the most prized possessions they have such as wedding rings, dog tags, and wedding rings.


Challenge coins at issued in the military come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. They are often personalized to show unique situations which they represent. A majority of soldiers hold these coins in high regard and carry them in all the places they go. The ways in which the challenge coins are designed by the leaders vary. For example, one command sergeant may obtain the usual battalion coin which represents the battalion he represents. The sergeant might also have a personal coin that might be carrying his name and also the rank imprinted on it. When such a person presents the personal coin to somebody, it signifies the personal expression of appreciation from a leader to one of the hardworking soldiers.


One, however, does not necessarily have to be an officer so as give or obtain military challenge coins. A soldier can even obtain the coins from many places and present them to fellow soldiers for certain deed or achievements. The more unique a coin is, the more value it has. However, even the commonest coin issued to the officers it has a lot of meaning to the recipient depending on the circumstances in which it was issued. It is not always that challenge coins are issued through a chain of command. Sometimes, an officer in one chain of command and has regular interactions with an officer in another can recognize the officer contribution using a challenge coin. For more facts and info about challenge coins, Visit



Even though coins are in most cases awarded in serious situations, they are part of a relaxed tradition. Sometimes they can be used as a status symbol in a casual setting. If for example, the soldiers or on a mission together and one has the coin, he might challenge the others to produce theirs. The one who does not buys a round of drinks. Get more information here!